Difference Between DM and SDM

Difference Between DM and SDM
Name: Abhilasha Sharma

A District Magistrate (D.M.) is an officer of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). According to Wikipedia, a DM is the senior-most executive magistrate and the person in charge of the general administration of a district in India. In simple terms, a DM is the chief authority in an Indian district. Every district in India has a DM (District Magistrate) appointed by the state government. India is a democratic country with a complex power and authority structure.

Difference Between DM and SDM

Sub District Magistrate, often known as a sub-collector, is an acronym for Sub District Magistrate. SDM is the IAS’s entry-level officer rank. After finishing the LBSNAA programme, the applicant must report to their assigned cadre and begin serving in that cadre. An SDM’s responsibilities include following the orders of a higher-ranking official, the DM, and inspecting diverse fields such as manufacturing facilities, agriculture, factories, schools, communities, and so on. An IAS probationer becomes an SDM after two years of training. There are multiple SDMs in a district.

SDM must report to DM on the full assignment that has been assigned to them. To put it another way, SDM is a lower-level officer to DM. When an IAS officer is inducted into the service, they are assigned to the position of SDM. After 20 to 25 years in the state civil service, a Provincial civil service (PCS) or another state-level administrative officer might be promoted to the ranks of SDM and sometimes DM. There are a few requirements for promotion from PCS to IAS.

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